eBay recent disappointment(s)

Sick of eBay


Global shipping- I will always know now to click this option OFF. Posted my listing and didn't realize global shipping was on, my item sold. I finally figured out the address I was shipping to was a global shipping Hub. I wasted money on FedEx overnight because I had ran a day late getting the items out….. eBay then flags my item saying it is under review for being a prohibited item. I spoke to eBay they had no information on why it was flagged or if it would even be released to continue to delivery. So… wasted on shipping my item is delayed possibly affecting my feedback from the buyer, my buyer seemed irritated with all of it, although I mentioned her location on her eBay profile says U.K. And then on the global shipping update it is actually enroute to Kuwait. So customs and shipping delays – had to mess with!! I really hope that I don't get hit with some crazy shipping charges or something. Blah

Then there is my listing for the .02 bitcoins, I had a "buy it now" offer I had a buyer they paid instantly, I check my PayPal and day their payment had cleared there profile looked great so no worries I sent the bitcoins to the address the " buyer" provided me. All is great! So I thought, Next morning check my email and EBay had informed that the buyer account was hacked and a unauthorized person had made the purchase…. so after several hours of taking to eBay and editing in PayPal to call me back then taking to them… I think I got that all squared away… looks like I will be covered my seller protection and I can't get hit with losing that payment and losing my bitcoin. So PayPal came through but then again I would have rather not had to deal with any of this… so eBay I think I might start trying some other outlets of the same nature.. That my rant for the evening thx