Medical Marijuana in my home state. 

I may have some things to work on in my life like my “marriage” but I am so grateful for my child and family and then Job! I work remotely and really don’t know what I would do without this job, the company and my coworkers are the best I could have ever asked for!! 

I live in a state where Medical Marijuana has just become legal… I don’t smoke weed and I personally have never had any benefits from trying it, but millions have including a very close friend, so now that it’s legal in the Bible Belt, never thought I would see the day. I wonder what it would take to start up a dispensary? I am sure I can fill my head with some knowledgeable info from Google…  I have heard stories of dispensary owner having to keep all their money in cash form in a volt hidden away somewhere due to the threat of the federal government up and deciding they want it due to how it was earned. 

Could this be worth investing in? I would think, I would have to partner up with a farmer who can grow every badass strain possible and then find a nice professional place to sell it, then who are the doctors that are prescribing it? The internet says they must be a MD with a active license…. I can’t imagine there are just hundreds of MDd in line for this job, but maybe I wrong…. I found this pic showing a dispensary under construction in this state, it states and RECREATIONAL? This I have not heard to be true…. not sure why that says that honestly… wishful thinking maybe.