Women are emotional, rational, creative, loving  beings. Men are physical beings. 

Men need to understand that a woman needs to connect with a man on a emotional trusting level, before she feels comfortable having a intimate relationship. There are always exceptions to this rule but I find this to be the standard with any women worth taking home to momma. 

Why so many men, can be total AHoles and treat their women like shit and still be ready to jump in bed with her, this is not how I work. Once a man has done something to me or repeatedly done something to me that has hurt me, I shut down. I can’t help it, this is how I work. If a man is kind to me and I trust him and we have a physical connection then it’s going to be fabulous. 

My husband is a perfect example. He has changed. He has turned out to be such a negative, verbally abusive, unstable factor in my life now for a couple years… he will unleash a verbal assault on me outta nowhere… this is then followed by ” I am so sorry” ” I didn’t mean any of it” ” I will never talk to you like that again” I have heard it all and hundreds of times… but still happens.

 He can’t grasp that I am hurt and he has done it, there fore I have lost interest in being intamite with him. He can’t even let me get out what has hurt me , before he is jumping down my throat about his needs. If he wants a intamite relationship with me, then I suggest he learns to listen and treat me right, till then his needs will go unfulfilled by ME. Period.

 I don’t care at this point. I am not sure I would care if he wondered off and got it somewhere else.  He can go treat someone else like shit. 

If I could do it all again, I would still have got pregnant, but would have waited on the marriage part. I think once you have a child and are living together the real person shows up. I would have waited to met this person and made sure we still loved rach other before making such a large commitment.